Tetrapak Plant Pots

tetrapak plant pots tutorial

I am really into little upcyclying DIYs recently…it’s something that has kept me sane and my daughter occupied during lockdown. We recently made these cute little Tetrapak plant pots which I think look super pretty and are so easy to make and you probably have all you need to make them in the house already.

What you need

All you need is empty tetrapaks, scissors and some felt pens or acrylic paint and a brush to decorate your pots.

How to make your Tetrapak plant pots

Tutorial tetrapak plant pots

Rinse out the carton, cut off the top in a straight line and dry the inside of your carton with a kitchen towel.

Tetrapak flower pots

Crinkle your carton by folding it in different ways. Don’t crinkle up the bottom though as you want this still to be nice and even. If you don’t want to go for a crinkled look you can leave this step out. Then very carefully peel off the printed top layer of your tetrapak to reveal the Kraft paper underneath. I found that with some cartons the top layer came off really easily and with others it was more fiddly.

Making plant pots from empty tetrapaks

Once you’ve done this fold over the top your carton once and then again at the desired height, decorate the pot and you’re done.

Tetrapak plant pots

Given that the Tetrapaks are waterproof you can now use them as little plant pots or vases. We planted some mini daffodils in some and are growing some cress in others.

I shared another tutorial a few weeks ago where we made animal pen holders from Tetrapak. You can read this here.

I hope you enjoyed this little Tetrapak plant pot tutorial and if you give this a go I would love to see your creations by tagging me on Instagram @latteandlullabies.

Love, Pamela

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