How to make a dress-up cape for kids

Toddler wearing DIY dress-up cape in Liberty print

Sharing another simple DIY to keep yourself and your little ones entertained during these crazy lockdown times: how to make a dress-up cape for kids – because, which kid doesn’t like dressing up, right?

This cape is super simple to make and you should be easily able to make this even if you are a not an experienced sewing machine user.

What you need

A sewing machine, yarn and some pins to keep the two pieces of fabric in place when sewing them together.

Two pieces of fabric, ca. 67cm x 67cm. You can use one pattern or go for two different ones. I went for a Liberty print fabric for the upper side and a plain pink fabric for the bottom side.

A small piece of Velcro, ca. 2cm x 3cm (male and female side). You can order Velcro strips that stick on the fabric so it’s easier to sew on afterwards like this one or you can go for a non-stick one like this.


kids dress-up cape pattern

Cut out your two squares of fabric and iron if the material is very creased. My daughter is 2.5 years old and I used 67cm x 67cm and you can see in the photo how this size came up on her. If you want the cape to be longer or wider you can just cut the fabric accordingly.

Two cut out fabric pieces for the cape

Fold one of the squares in half to find the middle and draw on a curve and cut out for the collar as in the below sketch on the “left” side of the fabric.

Put both pieces of fabric on top of each other, the “right” sights facing each other, pin fabrics together and cut out the shape you drew on to create the collar.

Sewing kids dress-up cape

Sew the pieces together starting at the bottom and make sure to leave an opening of 3-4 cm so you can turn the fabric right side out after sewing.

Pull your fabric inside out through the opening. This can be a bit fiddly. Once done, iron the fabric again to make sure the edges are neat and even and close up the opening.

Sewing cape for kids

Stick on the Velcro pieces, one at the top left and one at the bottom right and sew on and you’re done!

Sewing on velcro

And that’s it. Super easy, right?

For those more experienced sewing machine users, you can also think about sewing on contrasting applications to the upper side materia like initials, stars, hearts, lighting bolts etc. before sewing the two pieces together.

The finished dress-up cape

Hope you enjoyed this little “How to make a dress-up cape for kids” tutotial and if you give this a go yourself, make sure to tag me on Instagram @latteandlullabies so I can reshare.

Love, Pamela

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