Petite Amelie Bunny Table Set

Petite Amelie bunny table set

So we moved house a few months ago and after a few hectic weeks of getting the house painted and floors changed things are finally calming down. We still have to sort a few things but the kid’s rooms are finally almost finished. The latest addition to my three year old daughter’s room is a super cute solid wood bunny table set by Dutch brand Petite Amelie. If you haven’t heard of Petite Amelie yet, I definitely recommend checking them out. They do the most gorgeous nursery and toddler rooms furniture and accessories. If you’re after high quality, beautifully designed yet practical pieces for your children’s rooms in lovely natural and muted colours then Petite Amelie is for you!

Petite Amelie Bunny Table Set

We went for the version with the white table and chair tops and light wooden legs but the set is also available in overall natural light wood. You can check our set and the other wooden toddler furniture sets from Petite Amélie here.

Toddler Bunny table set

The Petite Amelie bunny table set came in quite a compact box and it was so incredibly easy to put up! You don’t need any tools, just the Allen key that comes with your box. All you need to do is screw in the legs of the chairs and table and then pop in the ears in the respective slots and secure them with the provided screws. The whole process took me less than 8 minutes!

Toddler bunny chair

I am really impressed with the quality. The set is super sturdy and I think the kids will get lots of use out of it. Plus it just looks super cute, doesn’t it?

Love, Pamela

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