We moved house with the help of Fantastic Services

Moving house with Fantastic Services

We did it!! We moved house in the middle of lockdown! We had been in our SW London town house for almost 6 years now but with two kids and both of us working from home due to Covid we just wanted that little bit more space and a bigger garden for the kids to play in. The whole process took almost 6.5 months from accepting the offer on our house and finally being able to move as Covid just made everything take longer than usual but we finally did it and we moved house with the help of Fantastic Services!

With a baby, a three year old and my husband working seven days a week at the moment in his key worker job I was honestly not sure how I was supposed to manage this on my own. I knew I needed a company that wouldn’t just do the move but who would also come in the day before to help pack everything up for us.

We had used Fantastic Services a few times before for garden works and a house deep clean and we were always impressed with the level of professionalism as well as the quality and speed of work so we decided to us them for our house move too.

Fantastic Services

Fantastic Services was founded in 2009 and has since grown constantly, now employing over 1,500 expert. They are basically your one-stop shop for over 25 different professional home cleaning and maintenance services, provided within London and the UK.

What I found really reassuring is that they are operating with the health and well-being of their customers and service professional  in mind and strictly follow Covid-secure practices to provide their services in the safest possible way.

Fantastic Services also offer the so called “Fantastic Club” which gives members £300 in credits, preferential booking, discounted rates and a whole lot of other benefits for an annual fee of £79…definitely worth it if you are planning to use them regularly!

Booking is super easy and can all be done through their website. In regards to the removal service, in order to establish the amount of boxes, people and vans required for the move one of their surveyors called me via WhatsApp video call shortly after I had been in touch via the website so I could show him around the house and the next day I was sent the exact quote for the service.

Fantastic services removal service

Preparations before the move

As soon as we accepted the offer on our house we did a first big declutter and since then I have been systematically sorting through ALL our possessions to declutter further (thank God I’m on maternity leave at the moment!). It honestly felt so liberating and the idea of a (almost) clutter free start in the new house just makes me so happy. I am glad now I did this already last year as this meant I was able to drop of lots of items at the charity shop which are now closed again during lockdown.

In the closer lead up to the move we also made sure to start using up our food in the freezer and cupboards as we didn’t want to take up an more space by boxes full of groceries.

A week before the move I booked a groceries delivery slot for the evening of the move day to the new house and kept adding things to the basket that we needed to stock up on again to spare us a trip to the shops while we’re buried under boxes.

I also still had some boxes stored from when we moved into our house and pre packed them with stuff that needed to go into the loft to save me from having to do this at the new house.

Packing day

Fantastic services packing for the move

The day before the actual move two Fantastic Services employees turned up with all the packaging material and within half a day the house was pretty much boxed up, just leaving out what we needed for the night. We had already filled our suitcases with as many clothes as we could fit in the day before to make sure we needed as few boxes as possible.

Moving day

The next morning a team of four arrived and started putting all our boxes and furniture into two big vans. When they noticed that we needed one more van, rather than driving back and forth twice with one of the vans which would have massively delayed the whole process the team managed to organise a third van which promptly arrived. My husband and I stayed in the house giving each room a quick hoover and clean so we would leave the house in a presentable state for the new owners. By 13:30 the house was completely empty and we could make our way to our new house which thankfully is only a short drive away.

The team then brought all the boxes into the respective rooms and also put up the furniture again (some pieces had to be taken apart for the move, like our dining and garden table, my daughters bed etc).

We were really impressed with the speed and quality of the Fantastic Services removal service. It was such a fuss free experience and they were so much faster at packing everything than we could ever have been on our own! They handled our belongings with a lot of care and even my daughter’s much loved cardboard house survived the move.

Our new home

We are now looking forward to making our new house a home. We are planning to paint the walls, install new flooring, renovate the bathrooms and add on an extension. This is all new territory for us as our previous house was a new built and we are really excited for this…and a little bit overwhelmed as to where to start to be honest.

I am thinking of getting Fantastic Services in again soon though to do a deep clean of the oven and our BBQ as well as to help with some gardening work as neither me nor my husband have a particularly green thumb. And if you’re looking for a company to help you with your house move I can highly recommend Fantastic Services.

Love, Pamela

We were given a discount on the removal service by Fantastic Services in exchange for an honest review.

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