Haba Kullerbü play system

Haba Kullerbü play system review

I am a huge fan of wooden toys that foster imagination and that kids will play with for years to come. When I discovered the Haba Kullerbü play system I immediately fell in love with it! Haba is a German company who manufacture the most gorgeous mainly wooden toys, dolls and kids board games and in the UK their products are distributed via Amaroni.

The Haba Kullerbü play system is an innovative, expandable play system that consists of colourful ball tracks and play tracks for Kullerbü vehicles. It’s kind of like a hybrid between a ball run and car tracks. There are lots of different sets available, all based on different themes (e.g. a farm, an orchard, dragon land, a fire station), but they can all be combined together to make ever new play set ups. You can also get different expansion sets to extend your track both in length or height in the form of pillars, straight sections, curves and connecting elements and additional balls and a range of little cars that are compatible with the tracks too.

Haba Kullerbü Dragonland

Every Kullerbü package illustrates a sample setup for the Kullerbü track inside but of course this is just one of endless other ways to combine the tracks and this is the beauty of the toy. If you only have one set you are somewhat limited though in regards to different set ups but if you have a few then you can create ever new tracks with it. It really fosters your children’s imagination and creativity to come up with ever new ways to play with the tracks.

Haba Kullerbü ball track

The suggested age range for the Kullerbü play system is 2 to 8 years, but I can imagine that the tracks are also lots of fun for older kids to play with.

Haba Kullerbü farm

The sets are beautifully made: the balls, columns, curves, straight tracks, and ramps made from beech wood and the effect elements from beautifully painted plywood. Elements that could not be manufactured from wood due to their shape or functionality such as the connectors and some special effect tracks are made from sturdy plastic. What I love is that the balls which come with funny faces, cute motifs and exciting visual or acoustic effect are quite big so I don’t need to worry that my baby might choke on them like with other ball runs.

Haba Kullerbü tracks

The different elements like ramps, straight tracks, and curves are linked together with a little connecting element into which the tracks click into. You have to press them in quite firmly though and my 3.5 year old daughter can’t always quite do it on her own yet. Once built, the track is really stable though and can’t be easily knocked over.

Haba Kullerbü play system review

The sets are not “just” ball runs as such but also have fun interactive elements, such as sound effects and funnels.

Haba Kullerbü play system setup

The Kullerbü sets kind of grow with your kids and they are also a great toy to add to over time at birthdays or for Christmas. It’s the type of toy you want to keep and pass on to your grandkids one day. So if you’re looking for a toy that your kinds will play with for years to come I’d highly recommend the Haba Kullerbü play system.

Love, Pamela

The sets have kindly been sent by Amaroni in exchange for an honest review.


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