How to make a personalised toy storage box

Toddler with personalised toy box

Now that we are in lockdown you might be looking for some DIYs, so I thought I’d share a little tutorial here how to make a personalised toy storage box.

A while ago I made a personalised toy storage box for my daughter’s books that we have been loving ever since.

I had been on the hunt for a little bookshelf for her room for a while but couldn’t find anything that fit into the small space where I needed it to go. I wanted something that didn’t break the bank but that still looked cute and that she could reach easily, so this for me was the perfect solution.

What you need

A wooden box. I used the big Knagglig box from Ikea (you can order them online for home delivery in most places. The box is also available in a smaller size).

White paint (or any other colour of choice for the base). I went with matte white and used spray paint for ease and speed of application. If you decide to go with spray paint however, please DO NOT spray indoors as there are many health risks related to inhaling the fumes. You can of course also leave the wood unpainted and just paint on the writing.

Acrylic paint in your choice of colour for the writing.

Two brushes for the writing: one medium thickness and a fine one for the corners. If you decide to paint on the base colour rather than using spray paint you need a big brush for that.


Cover the floor with cardboard or newspaper, lay out all pieces of the crate and give them one coat of your colour. Let dry for about 20 minutes and give them another coat. I gave my pieces three coats as I was after a really opaque look. If you want the structure of the wood to shine through though one or two coats might be enough.

Spray painting wooden IKEA box

Wait until the pieces are completely dry, turn over and repeat on the other side. This might take a couple of hours. I actually painted the other side the following day.

Decide what you want to write on your crate; I went with my daughter’s name “VICKY”. Other ideas could be “TOYS”, “BOOKS”, “LEGO”, “CARS” etc. Figuring out which font and size would fit nicely on the crate was actually the trickiest part. I finally settled on “Calibri”, letter size 210 in bold. I also googled a picture of a star and adjusted it to the same size of the letters to go in front and after the name. You could also go for little hearts or any other shape.

Personalising wooden toy box

Print out what you want to write. Before cutting out the letters and shapes find where the middle is and mark it clearly on that letter so it is easier later on to centre your writing nicely. Once you’ve cut out all your letters and shapes, you then want to place your middle letter in the centre. Trace around the letter with a pencil and then place all the remaining letters down as well and trace around.

Wooden toy box personalisation

Once this is done just fill in your letters with your choice of colour. Start with a bigger brush and then finish off the edges with a very fine pointy brush.

I painted the name on both long sides of the crate. Once the pieces are fully dried assemble the crate and you are done. Easy, right?

Personalised IKEA Knagglig wooden toy box

I love that you can carry the crate from room to room and you can even make two and stack them.

How do you store your toddler’s books?

Love, Pamela


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