DIY Animal storage boxes from milk cartons

DIY Animal storage boxes from milk cartons

How adorable are these DIY animal storage boxes from upcycled milk cartons though? I am a bit of a neat freak and love keeping things in different storage containers and recently made this little mouse, bunny and bear for my daughter to store her craft supplies in.

Given that the milk cartons are waterproof, you could even use them as a little vase or fill them with soil and add some seeds for your kids to grow some flowers or herbs.

These little milk carton animal storage boxes are really easy to make and you probably have all the supplies you need for this in the house already.

What you need:

  • Empty milk (or juice) cartons
  • A piece of paper and sharpie
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paint
  • Brush


On your piece of paper draw the outline of the animal head you would like to create and cut out to create a template.

Place your template on the carton at the desired height and trace it round with a sharpie.

Bunny box made from a milk carton

Rinse out the milk carton and open it at the top. Cut out along the traced line of your animal head and cut a straight line along the other three sides.

Dry the inside of your carton with a kitchen towel.

Animal storage boxes from milk carton

Paint your carton with the desired colour – depending on how light the colour is you might need 2-3 coats. Once the paint has dried, paint on the face.

Milk carton upcycling DIY

And that’s it – your DIY animal storage boxes from milk cartons! Aren’t they just the cutest? I am thinking of making a little kitty cat and fox to store my daughter’s hair ties next. What animals would you make?

Love, Pamela

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DIY animal storage boxes from milk cartons

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