Flockmen Play Ideas
The latest addition to our toy collection is a set of Flockmen. Flockmen are little Waldorf / Montessori inspired wooden figures that invite young and old for open-ended play that fosters imagination, creativity, hand-eye coordination… View Post

Review Elvie Breast Pump
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Baby products I will and won’t be using this time
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Wiwiurka XXL Rocker and Climbing Board |Review
And the benefits of open-ended play As all toddlers, Vicky loves to climb on anything she can! In fact, learning to climb plays an important role in the development of children’s balance and motor skills.… View Post

Children’s books featuring mixed families
…without making their diversity the topic of the story My daughter has recently turned two (read all about her bunny themed birthday party here) and totally loves books! She is half German, half Nigerian and… View Post