Baby products I will and won’t be using this time

I am now in the third trimester of my pregnancy with my second baby and things are starting to get real. Nesting and decluttering has kicked in big time and I have been thinking about which baby products I will and won’t be using this time. I still remember how overwhelmed I was in my first pregnancy about all the different baby products that are available and that you apparently need.

As I am slowly getting ready for baby’s arrival I have been thinking about products that worked really well for us with our daughter that I definitely would use again and others that I would give a miss plus some new products I’d like to try this time round.

I saw Charlotte from Simply Together doing a post about the items she will and won’t be using second time round and thought I’d share my version with you as well.

So here it is:

Baby products I will be using

Zip-up sleepsuits | We only got our first ever zip-up sleepsuit when my daughter was almost one year old (I think they definitely weren’t available as much in the UK) and it was revolutionary! No more fiddling around in the dark trying to match up the poppers or when dressing a wriggly baby!

SnuzPod | This time round I am super excited to be using the SnuzPod3. With Vicky we just put her cot bed next to our bed for the first months while she was sleeping in our bedroom but this took up SO much space and it also meant that I had to get up each time she woke up for a feed and get her out of her cot. Nothing you want to do when you’re half asleep yourself and haven’t slept properly in weeks/months. So the SnuzPod will hopefully make things a bit easier.

White noise machine and Snuz Cloud | I am totally convinced that white noise helps babies (and toddlers) sleep (read my post “How to build healthy sleep foundations for your baby” here). So we will definitely be using our white noise machine for throughout the night also with the new baby and the SnuzCloud for the day and when we’re out and about.

Playpen | In Germany play pens that come with a height adjustable padded board are very common and we used one for Vicky in the living room and absolutely loved it. Now for baby number two I am thinking this will be even more useful as the baby will be a bit better protected from its excited little sister. This is the one we have.

My daughter having a nap in her play pen

Sleepyhead | So I think we will definitely be using the Sleepyhead for the first few months BUT this time round I am planning to wean the baby off it a bit earlier as I felt that Vicky got so used to it too much (she was in it for 9 months) that it was quite difficult for her to adjust sleeping without it in her cot.

Stokke Tripp Trapp | I am planning to get a Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair also for the new baby as Vicky is still using hers and will do so for years to come. I love the newborn set so baby can be with us when we eat.

Eco friendly nappies / Cloth nappies | Babies go through A LOT of nappies…and newborns even more so. I am planning to use a mix of eco-friendly disposable and cloth nappies. I love Eco by Naty as their nappies are plastic and chemical free and will use a mix of Bambino Mio and CloseParent cloth nappies. I just wouldn’t be able to commit to going 100% cloth but will try to use them whenever possible as every nappy saved from going to landfill is a step in the right direction, right?

Swaddles | I never really figured out how to swaddle Vicky properly but all my friends who swaddled their babies swore by it so this time I am determined to give it a go. I might try one that already has Velcro fastenings and is shaped like a little sack so it’s a bit easier to do up.

Baby products I won’t be using

Dummies | We never used a dummy with Vicky and it was absolutely fine so am planning to do the same with baby number two. Plus it saves the drama of having to get rid of it when they are toddlers.

Angelcare movement monitor | We used this for my daughter for the first few weeks and to be honest – it drove me and my husband mad, especially at night!! Every time you pick them out of their cot at night for a feed an alarm goes off and you then need to switch it off whilst you’re half asleep yourself. Whilst it’s great to know that the device will notify you immediately when baby stops moving / breathing this product just didn’t work for us. I might be looking into alternatives though like a smart sock for example.

Jumperoo | I know, I know, babies love it but this is definitely a product I won’t be using. Firstly I am not overly keen on how it looks, secondly I am trying to avoid plastic toys wherever I can and most importantly I have heard a few times that it isn’t any good for babies physical development as it encourages them to stand on their tip toes, so they really should only use the Jumperoo for a few minutes at a time anyways.

Baby shoes | Totally pointless until they actually start walking. Socks or little knitted booties will do just fine.

Automatic baby rockers | We had a difficult time getting Vicky to settle on her own and I partly blame this on us rocking her too sleep for far too long. So I will try to avoid products that help rock baby to sleep like the Rockit and the Robopax this time round (ask me in 6 months though if I’ve been sticking to it).

Too many clothes | I am really trying to restrict what I am getting for baby this time round as with Vicky we had far too much stuff that never got worn.

Bath thermometer | We got one for Vicky at the time but actually only used it a couple of times as we quickly figured out the right temperature without it.

Moses basket | I will be using the Sleepyhead and play pen for day time naps instead and might even move the top of the SnuzPod around the house as it’s detachable. So no need for a moses basket.

Nursing chair | My husband wanted to get me a nursing chair when I was pregnant with Vicky but I decided against as they are fairly big and can be quite pricy. I found I was comfiest feeding Vicky lying down at night and during the day I just fed her on the sofa or wherever we were and it was never an issue.

So this are the main bay products that I will and won’t be using this time that I wanted to mention. Of course, this is just my opinion and what worked for us and didn’t work for us and your experience may be completely different. What products would you add to the use and won’t use list?

Love, Pamela

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Baby products I will and won't be using with my second child

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